IVECO, an enterprise of the CNH Industrial Group, is a worldwide operating manufacturer of light, medium-heavy and heavy-duty trucks, service, intercity and touring buses, fire-fighting vehicles, military vehicles and off-road vehicles for construction and mining operations.

IVECO has a workforce of more than 26,000 heads all over the world and is represented in the segments of light, medium-heavy and heavy-duty vehicles. The company has plants all together in 11 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Latin America, all of which manufacture highly sophisticated vehicles. In all 5,000 distributor points and customer service centres in over 160 countries make sure that IVECO vehicles are consistently reliable, regardless of where they are being used.

IVECO intends to make mobility safe, efficient and sustainable and, to that end, it develops technical solutions that benefit people as well as the environs. For more than 30 years, IVECO has been investing in the development of alternative drive systems and offering the Euro VI engines and natural gas drive technologies covering the entire range of vehicles. >>

Business solutions for over 80 years

The first Volvo Truck was built more than 80 years ago in 1928. Meanwhile, Volvo Trucks is worldwide the second largest manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks, and provides dependable transport solutions for customers from all over the world.

Every day and every second, somewhere in the world a truck carries its load to its destination. All such transport jobs are based on people’s need for development and restructuring. Our task for Volvo Trucks is to meet those needs, without compromising the quality or safety and without damaging the environment more than we can help. Thanks to our experience and know-how, we have set ourselves a clear goal: to become your preferred supplier for transport solutions, now and in future. >>

Renault Trucks

since 1894 until today

Especially because of its extraordinary history, today the “descendants of the rhombus” are seen practically on all roads of the world.

Due to an extraordinary history of the company, we come across Renault Trucks today on all roads of the world. Renault Trucks has a long history to look back, of which all of us are very proud. It is obvious what Renault Trucks to is and what it will be in future: a manufacturer who is fully focused on his customers and goods transport, and one who is also committed to a better image of the industry segment that plays a decisive part in our society. See the film titled “Pioneers since 1894” to have an idea about the legacy of more than 100 years. An extraordinary legacy since 1894, the year, when Marius Berliet designed a single cylinder engine and later built his first functionally efficient automobile fitted with a petrol engine. >>